Fax server
Solution which connects all your fax devices together
Fax Server is a fully automated, high-performance system that will reduce time and cost related to faxing. Fax server works more efficiently than standalone fax machines because it can process delivery queue at higher speed and provide secure delivery directly from computers.
Why byFax?
server_img1 Users can send and receive documents without leaving their workplace.
server_img5 Fax mailings from software fax server look more attractive.
server_img2 Sending a fax through a fax server byFax replaces fax machines, which are expensive to maintain and reduce employee productivity.
server_img6 Easy to use - employees require minimal training. Receiving faxes with byFax greatly simplifies your work.
server_img3 Any file for faxing can be sent digitally - no need to print and then into a fax device.
server_img7 Remote setup and maintenance is available.
server_img4 No dependency on phone lines, all your faxes will be delivered.
server_img7 Secure way for confidencial documents transmission.
We are asked about the fax server
The main function of a fax server is to automatically convert documents into fax format and then transmit them to recipients. The fax server also accepts fax calls and saves received faxes as files in the cloud, and sends a copy of received messages to customers by e-mail. Received faxes can be printed like any other document.
Large companies often exchange documents with partners in other countries. To speed up the work in such organizations, a fax server is usually used. This significantly improves the quality of work, thus increasing income and reducing costs.
There are several basic scenarios for starting a fax server. The first option is a completely isolated system with its own applications, operating in the intranet and connected to private phone lines. This option is suitable for companies with very high requirements for document confidentiality. The second option is a partially cloud-based solution, in which documents are processed and stored inside the company`s network, and delivery takes place via cloud communication channels. This solution is often implemented by connecting enterprise solutions to a fax server API. The third option is a completely cloud-based solution that customers can use through desktop or smartphone apps or through a browser. All documents are processed and stored in the cloud and delivered via fax service communication channels. byFax can be used in any of these scenarios.
byFax: convenient, simple, reliable
The byFax web service allows you to exchange faxes via a fax server with recipients in many countries of the world.
vf1 Remote setup and maintenance is available.
vf5 There are almost no restrictions
vf2 All the documents are under protection
vf6 You can send and receive documents from anywhere in the world.
vf3 From you computer or smartphone
vf7 Ease of action saves time.
vf4 Various document formats.
vf8 Activities history is stored
Fax server
v-done_sn Automation of fax mailings
v-done_sn All faxes are stored on the server
v-done_sn Access anytime anywhere
v-done_sn Electronic document management
Fax machine
v-error_sn Hours for personal fax calls
v-error_sn Loss of an important fax
v-error_sn Queue to fax machine
v-error_sn Paper and toner costs