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Signup and go to fax sending page

At first you should signup, you can do that via social networks or at simple signup form – enter your name, username (your valid email) and password. Then you will receive an email with an activation link to confirm your email address. Then you can log in and open your personal portal. At the left you will see a big white button "Send a fax", pushing it you will be forwarded to the appropriate page «Send a fax»

Add fax recipients and attach files

There you should add recipients` fax numbers in the INTERNATIONAL FORMAT (after entering a fax number make sure you clicked «Add recipient» button), after all recipients added - push «Next» button. Then Upload file(s) you like to fax and then click «Next» button again.

Finally send your fax

If you like to personalize your fax - add a cover page, and then push «Next» button. Make sure you documents were converted properly by checking pages preview. If you need to send a fax at exact time - use delayed delivery. At the end push «Send fax» button and send your fax.

Enter it in international format

International number format contains the following parts: +CC NDC SN NUMBER. + symbol is mandatory, CC - country code, NDC - region code, SN - city code, NUMBER – local number. For example +1 650 636 XXXX to send a fax to USA.

Use "Cost calculator" tool

You can find out cost of your fax using our cost calculator tool. Use it very simple - just enter a recipient`s fax-number in international format and count of pages to send. Please don`t forget to take cover page into account, if you use it.

Append number extension after main one

Just need to append number extension after main number without any spaces or special symbols. Please note that number extensions are processed by PBX and connection may be not stable.

In case of successfull fax connect - min 2 minutes

In case of successfull fax-connection single-page fax will be delivered in about 2 minutes.
In case or larger number of pages - delivery time will be extended on 1,5 minutes average per each page.

In other cases - minimum 5 minutes

If fax number is busy or call is not picked up, system will make 3 busy retries with 1 minute deplay between them.
In case of instable fax connection or bad line or any other abnormal conditions, system will automatically check available routes to the destination and will make 2 retries for each route with 5 minutes delay between them (For some countries we have up to 8 routes).

Download sample cover page

You may take as a base and sample one of byFax cover pages, changing content and pictures as you need.

Or make your own cover page

Or you are able to make your own cover page in DocX format, put placeholders listed below to the page.
If you add your cover page to a fax, system will replace placeholders with the necessary data in realtime.

Supported cover page parameters

  • Parameter
  • {Page}
    Page number
  • {Pages}
    Total pages
  • {From}
    John Sender, Sender Co Ltd. <+1 234 567 8901>
    Full sender data
  • {FromName}
    John Sender
    Sender name
  • {FromCompany}
    Sender Co Ltd.
    Sender company
  • {FromNumber}
    +1 234 567 8901
    Sender fax-number
  • {To}
    John Receiver, Receiver Co Ltd <+1 345 678 9012>
    Full recipient data
  • {ToName}
    John Receiver
    Recipient name
  • {ToCompany}
    Receiver Co Ltd
    Recipient company
  • {ToNumber}
    +1 345 678 9012
    Recipient fax-number
  • {FaxNumber}
    +1 345 678 9012
    Recipient fax-number
  • {Date}
    Sending date
  • {DateTime}
    2018-02-25 12:11:00 GMT+3
    Sending date-time with timezone
  • {Subject}
    Fax cover subject
    Fax subject (we are working on it)
  • {Message}
    Here is some fax cover message.
    Cover page message

Send us a message in customer portal

Follow the «Feedback» link in main portal menu or «Support» link in portal footer, you will be forwarded to contact form where you are able to enter your message and attach a file. Besides, you are able to write us an email

You just need to upgrade to the tariff plan Pro.

In addition to various useful features on this tariff plan, the period of storage of your documents is unlimited.

It`s very simple, you need upgrade tariff plan to Pro.

It has the lowest cost per page, many different useful features, and includes a free incoming number for the Pro plan duration.

Set up a notification in your account

You can receive notifications by sms and email about incoming and outgoing faxes. You can customize the notifications here

1 month by default

On the tariff plan Start (this is the default tariff plan, which is set after user sign-up) and tariff plan Basic documents are stored 1 month. On the Pro plan documents are stored all the time.

To start, take the number

You can automate fax receiving and sending with byFax continuing use your phone number. You should take a number in the byFax portal, then contact with your telecom operator and request a call forwarding from your number to the byFax number and follow the instructions of your telecom operator.

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