Fax API for developers

Handy byFax API allows to integrate online faxing directly into your solution


API byFax is built as a set of separate WEB-services (using SOAP technology) to perform specific tasks

To get started with the API, you need to create a byFax application and get the api-key and api-secret to authorize your application to the API.

As you implement your solution, you have a fully functional test environment at https://sandbox.byfax.biz

When your solution is complete, the base url for services changes to the production environment to https://api.byfax.biz

Besides requests to send a fax or obtain a list of received faxes, web-hooks for realtime events notification are available in API

The complete SDK is already available for PHP developers. C # and Java developers can easily integrate SOAP services into their IDE with a couple of mouse clicks. Links to WSDL files can be found above, in the detailed description of each service.

Technical support service or real-time consultation via JivoSite is available for developers.

Download PHP SDK


The application is authorized to the API using a special SOAP header that contains api-key and api-secret. The header is represented by a UsernameToken object.

The authorization header is passed in every request, the connection to the API has no sessions and no additional tokens.

Cover pages. List

Cover Pages are available for more personalized faxing in byFax. The system has already been loaded with a basic set of cover pages, which are available via API as well as in the byFax customer portal.

Both portal users and API developers in their applications have the ability to add own custom cover pages. The cover page is a DocX file with predefined placeholders that are replaced with the sender and recipient data during the sending process.

Cover pages. Adding

To add a cover page, you should upload a DocX file to the system and setup its name.

Sample of a system cover page

Preloading a document

In case the same file must be sent several times or to many recipients, the system provides the ability to upload a document and save it for further reuse.

Sending a fax (common submission way)

The system provides many options to pass to send fax request - loading documents directly within the request, using previously uploaded documents, using a cover page, submit fax in high or standard quality, submit fax in text or photo mode, submit fax for one or more documents in the request, submit fax for one or more recipients, setting your own fax header format, setting the number of retries in case the number is busy, etc. Below there is an example of using the most common options.

Sending a fax (prepared TIFF submission)

This method was specifically designed to send a prepared TIFF file to a single recipient. The method is used only if the TIFF file is prepared on the application`s side and it must be sent without going through the byFax document preparation system. Using this method application should pass only the following data, sender details (Sender object), recipient details (Recipient object), the unique identifier of the container (broadcastRef parameter) and the prepared TIFF file (document object). The full text of the fax header could also be passed to be placed at the top of the page. If the header is already placed to all pages of the document, then the header parameter is passed as empty string. Here is an example of using this function.

Still have questions?

If you still have any questions, or the samples above are not informative enough, you are able get more detailed information about API functions, objects and enumerations in the detailed description of each service (links can be found above), you can also contact us via helpdesk or JivoSite. We are always glad to hear suggestions and ideas for expanding or improving both the byFax API and our entire product.

At the moment, only the basic functionality of the byFax portal is available in our open API, if you need to expand the capabilities or add fundamentally new functions, we are always happy to discuss.

If you are a Python, Java, Ruby, Go or other programming language developer and would like to help improving the byFax API SDK, we will be glad to have your help developing SDKs in other languages.

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