Send or receive a fax? It has never been so easy!

No more phone lines and fax equipment is needed, you can do that even from smartphone

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How does our service work?

Signup and login

Signup for free and login into customer portal from any device

Upload document and enter number

Supports more than 100 document formats for any operating system, take documents from scanner or a virtual printer and also from remote storages

Wait and preview

Fax creation takes just a few minutes or even faster, then preview is displayed to check how the fax will be delivered, confirm its cost and the recipient`s number

Forget about a fax machine

Fax machines and phone lines are no longer needed because you can send your documents right from computer`s desktop or even from your smartphone`s camera

Signup and login

Signup for free and login into customer portal from any device

Get a fax-number

Fax numbers are provided шт 30+ countries over the world which makes fax calls cheap for your partners. You pay only for byFax service, all incoming for free

Wait and receive a fax on your email

Your fax documents will come to your email with an attached pdf-files or to byFax portal. Fax numbers are never busy and works 24/7

Forget about a fax machine

Fax machine, paper and phone lines are no longer needed, faxes come directly to your email or byFax portal. Just browser and internet is needed

What do we offer?

Our advantages

Send documents in suitable format as many as you need just in a few mouse clicks. Receive faxes right to your email box or see them in byFax portal. Fax machines and telephone lines are no longer needed. Your faxes are always with you from any device on your email or in a convenient personal account

Works 24⁄7

The service is completely automatic and works 24 hours 7 days a week

Documents encryption

Your documents are protected and can not be read by others

Multi-channel numbers

More than one call is possible to your number at a time

No equipment needed

We make you able to get rid of phone lines, telecom operators, fax machines and paper

Documents are always at hand

All received documents are in your email box and available from everywhere

Documents are legal

Documents received via our service legal as well as paper fax document

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Need to send fax batch jobs? Just add you recipients from simple CSV file

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